Mercato: For Wayne Rooney, it’s time for Pogba to “move on” and leave Manchester

Wayne Rooney has lost none of its effectiveness, except that it now manifests itself with words and more with its mule shots. Guest on the set of the show Monday Night Football on Sky Sports, the former glory of Manchester United proved it when discussing the situation of Paul Pogba in the north of England.

“I think we’ve gotten to a point where it’s better for him to move on,” he said. If Paul is being honest with himself, he hasn’t had the impact he would have liked to have since returning to Manchester United. “Difficult to prove him wrong.

Rooney is like everyone else, basically, he sees the difference between Man U’s Pogba, irregular and without any real influence on the game, and the taulier he is as soon as he wears the Blues jersey. “I watch him play for France and he’s a completely different player. His abilities, his vision and his control of the game are still there with the Blues, analyzes the current Derby County coach. It hasn’t really worked out at United for him, and there are some players the club need to let go. »

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At the end of the contract next June, the native of Torcy probably came to the same conclusion and should probably not continue the Mancunian adventure next season. Followed by big clubs (including PSG), Pogba will have to make the right choice this summer in order to relaunch a club career that is too irregular given the intrinsic talent that is his.

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