Metal Gear 35th Anniversary Site Confirmed To Be A Fan Joke, It’s Now A ‘Konami Memorial NFT’

In fact, it’s been turned into a “Konami Memorial NFT” site with an explanation posted by the site’s creator that, yeah, it’s just a light joke:

Metal Gear 35 Konami Poisson d'avril
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Konami Memorial NFT
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A spokesperson told TechRadar that Konami wasn’t behind this:

This site is not Konami’s. We are considering how to deal with this site.

Where’s Metal Gear’s 35th anniversary project? “There is nothing we can say at this time,” TRG was told.

Metal Gear 35e It’s the time of year when cautious sites on all rungs of the gaming media ladder go on red alert: April Fool’s Day is coming. In fact, it’s already It’s April Fool’s Day in some parts of the world, and video game companies insist on making silly, obviously humorous announcements alongside silly but actually real announcements.

One of the more surprising announcements we came across today is the metalgear35th site, which appears to be an official pending repository of anniversary-related content from Konami, the key holder of the Metal Gear franchise.

Yes, it’s been almost three and a half decades since the first Metal Gear was launched in July 1987 on MSX2, and the NES version was released in Japan on December 22 of the same year. And while this new site looks perfectly official – with proper Konami branding and the links to boring corporate pages you’d expect to find on such a site – we’re not quite ready. to plunge into unbridled speculation… for the moment. The moment is too uncertain.

After all, we saw someone take over recently just to troll Konami. And even if that made turns out to be legitimate, the relative (or rather RElative?) disappointment of recent (REcent?) Capcom announcements and subsequent revelations (Somebody put an end to this!) is an additional reason (…) to exercise caution.

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Yep, this all sounds boring enough
Yep, this all sounds boring enough (Image :

While the series directed by video game director Hideo Kojima may be more closely associated with the PlayStation, some notable entries in the canon have appeared on Nintendo consoles: the aforementioned original Metal Gear, of course, as well as Metal Gear Solid. on Game Boy Color, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on GameCube and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D on 3DS.

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