Apple is already thinking about folding MacBooks and iPads

Apple has many open fronts when it comes to device development. It already has the usual ones that are expected within the year in contention, but having in mind more devices to show throughout the year is something that no house wants to miss. But in his case it is very special since rumors begin to sound about the imminent arrival of the folding MacBook and iPad.

First things first: foldable screens

It is known by all that the bitten apple does not make its own screens. Thanks to the help of third parties, it has been able to manufacture its devices, but it can still give us a lot of joy. In fact, over the years it has already given many signs of innovation in this regard if we take into account the technical details that it has done thanks to the screens.

But we may soon hear from the apple bitten in a project bigger than a flip phone. And it is that according to what counts MacRumors, Apple is already thinking about folding MacBooks and iPads. Those from Cupertino are already moving, and it is that the medium points out that it is in talks with one of its screen suppliers to make this become a reality.

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We are talking about LG, one of the companies that already offers its services to Apple by putting the panels of many of its devices, including the iPhone. Of course, it is necessary to remember that the Korean company is one of the largest manufacturers of OLED screens on the market, an essential element for this type of device. According to the statements collected by the media, everything indicates that the design of these devices will be more innovative with an ultra-thin glass construction instead of a polymer like those currently used.

It would not be unreasonable to think that we would soon have more devices in this category, especially if we take into account that the bitten apple has not presented any rival for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold as other Android firms have.

By this we mean that Apple could be preparing several devices to present at the same time and from the same family and with similar characteristics, but this only remains a mere assumption that, hopefully, will become a reality in the near future rather than far away.