Donald Trump does not use his own social network Truth Social: downloads drop by 93%

TRUTH Social, Donald Trump’s social network and platform to be able to speak freely and freely to his followers, opened to guests last October 2011, but the real “national deployment” It was going to happen in the first three months of 2022, according to a statement from Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG).

Donald Trump’s team attached great importance to this. But by the end of February there was little sign that the new company still had a working platform. Truth Social was born not to be a chat room for ideas like Twitter, nor a place where the whole family is like Facebook, although it is a perhaps more successful version of other “free speech” social media platforms like Parler or Gab.

Descargar Truth Social

Precisely since February 21 Truth Social is available for download on the Apple App Store from Sunday night. Yes, only for iOS at the moment (or so it seems). Although the premiere was not as round as expected, because according to the Reuters agency some people had trouble creating an account.

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Some users who downloaded Truth Social were getting an error message when trying to create their account to log in to the app. Specifically when entering a date of birth, an email or a phone number to create an account, reading the message “Something went wrong. Please try again”.

Others reported that put them on a waiting list after they signed up: “Due to high demand, we have put you on our waiting list”said the message, which included a waiting list number. People who pre-ordered Truth Social had the app automatically downloaded to their iPhones.

Download Truth Social app for iOS

A month and a half without posting anything

The truth is that Trump, the 45th president and founder of the conservative alternative social network, still He hasn’t posted on the platform since his first and only post in mid-February.. That’s before the platform went public. And Truth Social seems to be suffering from this lack of attention from its main driver. According to the analysis company From Sensor Tower mobiles, downloads of the Truth Social app for iOS have dropped to around 60,000 per week on the Apple App Store.

The platform is currently only available on iOS devices like the iPhone. Sensor Tower can only track download estimates, not platform signups. Therefore, it is unclear how many downloads actually convert into new Truth Social users.

Speaking to Yahoo, Sensor Tower Mobile Insights Strategist Stephanie Chan said that Truth Social’s downloads are “down 93 percent” since its launch week on February 21when he received “872,000 installationsSensor Tower estimates that the Truth Social app has currently been downloaded around 1.2 million times.

Waiting list

On March 8, Trump had about 200,000 followers on the platform. He now he has about 800,000 followers, which appears to match the Truth Social inscriptions. It must be remembered that Truth Social has a waiting list for new userswhich means there is a delay in downloading the app and getting on board to use it.

Perhaps that is why Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the former president, has just debuted on the platform more than a month after its launch to post the message “Who’s ready for a little truth!” and thus liven things up, since a social network that does not deliver what it promises -in this case surely all his followers expected the same constant rhetoric and energy that Trump used on his Twitter account-, fails and loses users after premiere.

Yes, your platform has more followers but it is registering losses. The question remains why Donald Trump does not want to use his own social network