How to add a contact to your favorites list on Instagram, what is it for?

Before it was easier, since Instagram showed you the content of your contacts’ posts in chronological order. Now, with the app dedicated to multitasking, ads and promotion, it’s more complicated. Last week we told you how to put the classic view on Instagram and thus see what your contacts have published according to the old chronological order. The problem is that you have to do it every time you open the app.

List of favorite Instagram contacts

But there is also another method to see if not all the publications in chronological, then the ones that interest you the most. It’s called the list of favorites, and what it does is highlight the posts of the contacts that you put in this list, so they will appear above the Instagram feed every time you open the app. This is how you do it:

Add someone to your favorites list:

  1. open instagram
  2. touch the word “Home” or Instagram in the upper left corner (the one that appears to you)
  3. Choose “Manage favourites”.
  4. Choose up to 50 people you want that are in your favorites list.
  5. With the list already configured, when you want to see the most outstanding posts of these contacts, do the same as before: tap “Home” in the upper left corner and tap on Favorites.
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