WhatsApp will limit the number of messages you can forward

Different software developers take the security of their users very seriously. It happens more and more frequently that there are news in the field, and all this accompanied by an update that is very easy to install. And this will continue to be as we see in the latest novelty of WhatsApp that will limit the number of messages to be forwarded.

You can only forward a few messages on WhatsApp

One of the things that has helped a lot in WhatsApp has been to see the number of times a message has been forwarded in the messages. This not only helps you to know if a message is original or not from the person who sends it to you, it can also help you generate some distrust of the content in case it has a download or external link to a somewhat doubtful page.

But sometimes this is a problem for users, and we are talking about receiving certain messages repeatedly from a user. And it seems that now is when Meta will put cards on the matter with a new feature that it wants to implement very soon. The goal is very simple: limit the number of messages you can forward.

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for what it counts WABetaInfo the function is not as strict as you think. For example, if you are the author of the message you will not have any limit to forward your own message. However, if you are the receiver this changes completely. Upon receiving a message that has already been forwarded, it cannot be forwarded again to more than one chat group.

The goal: prevent misinformation

From Meta they are working very hard in order to prevent false information from spreading through their social networks. Of course, on Facebook they are very aware of the arrival of the latest news on the users’ walls in order to avoid all the problems derived from the lies that other users spill about a specific topic.

In its WhatsApp division, it is also working to prevent a lie from spreading like wildfire, as we have seen on more than one occasion. At the moment, they are the users of the testing phase of Whats Apps for iOS lThose who have found this novelty, while in the case of Android an improvement is working with which you can chat directly with someone through the application without having the number registered in the phonebook but who does participate with you in a common group.