How to activate the True or False game that hides Apple’s Siri on the iPhone

A few days ago it was April 1, the fourth month of the year and in which Spring is already noticeable. But that day also has a meaning in several countries: April Fools’ Day, in English April Fools’ Day, also known as April fish or fish, is a festival dedicated to jokes that is celebrated on April 1, and although it is different from December 28 or the Day of the Holy Innocents, jokes are also played and all over the world.

And since we are in the digital age, the jokes also apply to all kinds of devices, including those from Apple that are compatible with the Siri assistant.

Siri, True or False?

If in April’s Fools you ask Siri something like “What are you doing?“, you will get a response like “I’m seeing how gullible people are! Try ‘Hey Siri, True or False? (Hey Siri, True or False?)”.

That question opens the True or False Game with questions ranging from geography to history to animals and some really random ones like:

  • Is scorpion venom the most valuable liquid in the world?
  • Did a man eat an entire plane?
  • In what key do horseflies buzz?
  • Is a single slice of pizza called a “pizzum”?
  • Is there a mountain in Australia called Mount Disappointment?
  • Was paper money invented before toilet paper?
  • Was Leonardo Da Vinci known for painting with his eyes closed?
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More are available, as when you’re done with the first five questions, Siri displays your score and asks if you want to continue playing or share your score.