YouTube will finally let you share videos directly on Snapchat

On the Internet there are two things that are done constantly: Sharing content and watching videos. And there is no one in the world who does not have a messaging application and a video entertainment application on their terminal to entertain themselves and make others do the same with the same content. But not all channels have the same capacity, at least not until now. YouTube will finally let you share videos directly to Snapchat.

You can finally quickly share a YouTube video on Snapchat

There are currently many ways to share content you’ve seen on the Internet and many differ depending on the device from which you start that transfer. Over the years, developers have realized that mobile phones have a great presence and have adapted their applications to the possibilities of these devices.

And it is that thanks to the functions of sharing elements from one application to another, everything is much simpler, especially if there is a rapport between the different apps. Not all of them have this synergy, but it is a matter of time before ties are strengthened little by little.

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Today we have good news for all those users of Snapchat, who finally have the opportunity to share a video with another friend on the platform without using a URL. This has been published by the ghost’s social network in its blogwhere it says that “Starting today, all Snapchat users on iOS and Android can seamlessly share their favorite YouTube videos with their friends directly through the Snapchat camera, no more copy-pasting! !”.

The process is as simple as following these steps:

  • Open YouTube
  • Select a video you want to share
  • Click on the share button
  • Select the Snapchat app
  • In a few moments the video will be uploaded to the social network
  • Share videos as stories

But the Mountain View company has not been left behind, since it has offered one more function when it comes to sharing a YouTube video on Snapchat. It turns out that quick sharing is also enabled on Snapchat stories in addition to snaps. Thus, both users and content creators will benefit from this new feature as soon as its rollout begins.

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