The Rock as father-in-law: Dwayne Johnson reveals his ‘rules’ for any man his daughter Tia ‘chooses to marry’

Dwayne Johnson She recently took to social media and shed light on her personal requirements for any man who wanted to marry her daughters one day.

The actor talked about his wishes and requirements in a post on Instagram.

The post featured a dad-daughter singing session on a wedding song and contained a caption revealing his top two requirements for any man who wanted to marry his ‘girl’.

The caption speaks of the fact that one day he will have to give his daughter “whom she decides to marry” and says: “My little Tornado Tia wanted me to sing one of her favorite songs.”

“A song all #GirlDads will appreciate, about a father who has to give his daughter away on her wedding day.”

His final notes struck a chord with the heart and read: “With our babies, life moves fast. We have to live it with everything we have.”

started saying. “I’m [100 emoji] certain things here/”

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“#1) One day I will proudly give her away to whomever she decides to marry. My only wish is for that person to be a kind, loving, good-quality human being.”

The doting dad also spoke of fleeting childhood moments, admitting: “#2) She’s only 3 now, but I know one day in the future, hanging out and singing with daddy won’t be cool anymore.”

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