Selena Quintanilla: the unpublished photo with which Chris Pérez remembered his wedding anniversary

Although 26 years have passed since his death, Selena Quintanilla she continues to be remembered through her music. One of the people who keeps the Queen of Tex-Mex present is Chris Pérez, the man who conquered her heart and with whom she was going to start a family, but these plans were frustrated when the singer was murdered at the hands of Yolanda Saldivar.

In April 1992, Quintanilla and Pérez secretly got married from their parents. The young couple lived their romance happily and had plans to enlarge the family, but the death of Selena Quintanilla, which occurred on March 31, 1995, left all their plans in the air.

Despite the short time they shared, it was enough for Chris Pérez to realize that the interpreter of “Como la flor” was his soul mate, so more than two decades after his departure he still pays tribute to the late artist. .

Selena Quintanilla passed away on March 1, 1995 (Photo: Selena / Instagram)
Selena Quintanilla passed away on March 1, 1995 (Photo: Selena / Instagram)


This Thursday, March 31, marks 27 years since the singer Selena Quintanilla died after being attacked with a firearm by the president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldívar. Despite time, the Queen of Tex-Mex remains present within the culture and both her thousands of fans and her loved ones remember her fondly.

Such is the case of Chris Pérez, the musician who stole the interpreter’s heart as soon as he joined the group “Selena y los Dinos” as a guitarist. On April 2, the singer’s widower shared an unpublished photograph that was taken after they decided to elope to get married despite the refusal of the Quintanilla family.

In the unpublished photograph, the happy couple is seen embracing while they looked to the side, behind there was a wall with a shelf where there were different items, as well as a painting with a drawing.

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We can also see that Quintanilla and Pérez wore black clothes and, although at that time they did not bring out their smiles, they hinted at the intense love they had for each other.

The photograph was published by Chris Pérez on the Instagram account to remember their wedding anniversary. The lovers united their lives in marriage on April 2, 1992 and this year they would have been married for 30 years.

Chris Pérez accompanied the moving image with a brief but significant message. The musician mentioned that since his secret wedding he has grown in all aspects despite the deep pain that Selena Quintanilla’s unexpected departure left him.

Chris Pérez told in his book
Chris Pérez told in his book “For Selena, with love” how was the first Christmas that Selena Quintanilla celebrated (Photo: Selena Quintanilla/Facebook)

“April 2, 1992. Wow…what a ride it has been since then. The growth has been exponential…as a musician, as an artist and businessman, as a man…life has some crazy twists and turns…keep going! Make your peeps proud!” he wrote.

Chris Pérez’s publication quickly received thousands of comments with emotional dedications for the late singer and some messages of encouragement for her widower.

Instagram users also applauded that the musician keeps the Queen of Tex-Mex in mind and the love they experienced when they were both together.

“How nice it would be to see them celebrate 30 years of marriage, with white hair, thanks for teaching us and the world what true love is. My favorite couple forever!!”, “There is no doubt, a true love. Years pass and pass and you continue to show us that it remains in your heart”, are some comments from users.

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