Kremlin: An erosion of confidence in the dollar and the euro is accelerating in the world

The blockade of Russia’s foreign exchange reserves in Western countries and the “sanctions craze” against Moscow observed today “is accelerating the process of erosion of world currencies”, that is, ” an erosion of confidence in the dollar and the euro,” said the spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitri Peskov, in an interview for the program ‘Moscow. Kremlin. Putin’s channel Russia 1.

Recalling that the dollar and the euro “have always been the backbone for all international payments”, Peskov stated that “more and more countries, harboring doubts about the reliability of the dollar and the euro, are leaning towards the development of variants of payments in national currencies”.

“This process already it’s unstoppable” and “it will intensify,” said Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, who added that the Russian government chose to charge in rubles for its natural gas supplies in the face of “the growing distrust” that international currencies arouse.

Peskov explained that, according to the new scheme, Western countries will pay for Russian gas “as they did before, in euros, in the currencies indicated in the contracts, but with all this the final payment will reach the seller, Gazprom, in rubles by purchasing Russian rubles with those euros.” “For European companies ‘de facto’ won’t change anything‘de iure’ is going to be another system,” he added.

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Putin “never gave up” face to face with Zelensky

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, Peskov indicated that “hypothetically” a meeting between the Russian president and his Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Zelensky, is possible. “Putin never gave up on such a meeting, and this meeting it is hypothetically possiblePutin’s press secretary clarified.

However, he pointed out that in order for a face-to-face meeting to take place between the two presidents, “it is necessary” for the two delegations negotiating the peace to put the potential agreement in writing in the form of a document. “In that case the time will come for that meeting,” Peskov stressed.

Isolating Russia is “technologically impossible”

During the interview, the Kremlin spokesman also stated that, “sooner or later”, Europe will have to talk with Moscow, “whether someone on the other side of the ocean wants it or not”, and stated that Russia cannot currently be isolated. nor make the Russians live “in a vacuum”.

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“There can be no total vacuum for Russia or no isolation, it is technologically impossible in today’s world. The world is much bigger than Europeand Russia itself is much bigger than Europe,” Peskov concluded.

Citing “the enormous pressure from the Americans” on other nations, the spokesman said that “not all countries find the strength to clearly outline their sovereign position.” As an example of independent foreign policy, he cited Turkey, which is “part of its own interests.”