Gloria Murillo: from the hell of violence to being the image of Victoria’s Secret

A few weeks ago, the Mexican Gloria Murillo announced on social networks his collaboration with the prestigious company Victoria’s Secret, thus marking one of the main projects in which he has worked in his entire life and a tremendous improvement after everything he had to live for a long time in the that was silent.

The athlete, who gained media exposure thanks to her participation in the “Exatlón” program, broke her silence through her Twitter account to make public a complaint against her former partner named Alejandro Zavala Noyola. The model revealed, through an extensive thread, that she had been the victim of physical and psychological violence from said subject.

After having left that bitter pill in the past, the model continued with her life and has now positioned herself as one of the most sought-after in Mexico in this profession, having reached a participation hand in hand with the American fashion brand, which he chose her to be his new angel.

The Mexican athlete has become a Victoria's Secret angel.  (Photo: Gloria Murillo / Instagram)
The Mexican athlete has become a Victoria’s Secret angel. (Photo: Gloria Murillo / Instagram)


As much as some time has passed, the potosina wanted to express her heartbreaking testimony that, according to her, she lived when she was in a romantic relationship with Alejandro Zavala Noyola. With a long thread Twitter He told all his truth about what he had to live and blamed this subject if, after the publication, something happened to her or her family.

The model assures that Zavala was physically and psychologically violent through a series of insults and blows. Moreover, she was encouraged to give many details of what she endured, also stating that she has several pieces of evidence that prove what she is narrating.

She even tells of certain violent behaviors in front of some witnesses and behaviors of extreme jealousy due to the publications that she shared on her social networks.

As expected, the publication went viral on social networks and many people supported her and congratulated her for having told what she once lived, no matter how long ago it was. Similarly, some users assured that her testimony will serve so that other women do not remain silent in the face of this type of abuse.

“As long as there are women in the same situation as me, who do not speak out of fear, there will continue to be more men like him. My only responsibility was to keep silent out of fear, but today I say no more!”Murillo wrote.


Thanks to a publication on her Instagram account, Gloria Murillo announced to her followers that she had collaborated with the American company Victoria’s Secret. In addition, she shared some of those photos that demonstrate her work as a model with that brand.

“I join as an ambassador and new Victoria’s Secret Angelita. It is a dream to work with a brand that empowers women around the world”commented the athlete, who is also an image of Adidas.

The model and athlete became the new image of Victoria's Secret (Photo: Gloria Murillo / Instagram)
The model and athlete became the new image of Victoria’s Secret (Photo: Gloria Murillo / Instagram)

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