High Score Day: the Wordle to guess video game titles by gamers

Barely three months have passed in 2022 and it seems that the Wordle fever does not end. In fact, it grows like foam, and there are not a few who try to show off on Twitter what they know by hitting the word of the day in a few attempts. But today there is a Wordle for each person with their different concerns and maybe gamers find theirs on High Score Day.

The Wordle by and for gamers

Wordle has established a new way of understanding puzzle games. Everyone has their way of playing depending on the theme they choose, and for that there are the different developers who make the versions of the game that has entered Twitter with all the squares.

This time we will have the arrival of a new game, or rather a new version that the company makes available to users. We are talking about High Score Day, a version of Wordle for gamers. Above all, it will be retro lovers who will delight retro game lovers.

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This version is very simple and you will have five attempts one for each snapshot of a game that you have in front of you. Yes, that’s right, you have to guess five games one after the other to know if youDo you have the green or red squares?. That will be determined by the page itself that will say if the title is correct or not.

You will not be able to pass the next photo without answering the previous one, but don’t worry, you will always have the help of the search box. And it is that in the same box where you have to write the name of the game, it will autocomplete with the game or games with the same title that you have registered.

What you should keep in mind is that there are titles for all kinds of platforms. There are SEGA MegaDrive, GameBoy, PSX, Super Nintendo or Nintendo Entertainment System among some of them. Once you manage to answer all the examples you will have access to the boxes of the colors of the successes and errors that you have had to share it on Twitter.

The best thing about this version of Wordle for gamers is that you will have a new proposal with five new snapshots every day. This will help you get to know some games that you did not know before and that you may want to play at some point. Who knows, you might find some old glory that reminds you of your childhood.