Instagram lets you send a post to a friend faster

Instagram is one of the most important applications for users. A lot of content is uploaded every day waiting to be found and, of course, shared in the different Direct chats. But now Meta is behind to offer much faster functions with the fast shipments to users among other novelties proposed by the firm

Share posts with a single click on Instagram

Good and simple things are twice as good, or so the saying goes. If we pass this to the world of applications, we find that it is very easy to share different publications and, furthermore, with people that you do not have added to those same portals.

In the case of Instagram, you have a function to talk and share content directly with the users who follow you. But soon we will see news within the photographic app as it is the case of a faster function to share content with the people who follow you.

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Soon the app will let you tap on the paper plane icon and the most recent contacts you’ve talked to will quickly appear. This will allow you to tap faster on the people you communicate with more often and have those posts received much faster.

More improvements on Instagram

Meta has put a lot of focus on communication after the last update. And it is that the function of sending a publication that you want to share faster is just one of the many features that it has saved to offer users.

For example, you will soon see in Direct which of your friends is online so you can talk to them. If possible, you can even talk to them while browsing, that is, you won’t have to expressly go to Direct to follow the conversation with the person who has spoken to you, especially if they know that you are in the available app.

The app will also let you send music files of a few seconds as long as they come from other attached apps such as Spotify, for example. But what many will appreciate the most is the ability to have a command to prevent notifications. With @silence it will be possible to send a silent message to a person who will only be able to see it once they enter the app.