Ana Silvia Garza, mother of Mariana Garza, expresses her support for Sasha Sokol

Being questioned by the press about how she lived that stage in which Sasha Sokol and Luis de Llano were a couplethe mother of Mariana Garza He replied with respect.

“The truth we have always respected, Marianita has taught me prudence, tolerance and respect for each person’s decision,” said the actress.

“Until now (Sasha) speaks, but we are really beyond words. She knows that we are with her and we adore her, she is unconditional.

Sasha Sokol and Luis de Llano
Sasha Sökol and Luis de Llano had a four-year relationship.

“You can’t talk about what you don’t experience, that’s when it becomes wisdom. When you don’t experience it, the only thing you can do is have that quality of empathy, of putting ourselves in the other’s place in order to understand. We are nobody to judge or to label, but we are with her, of course we are, ”he stated.

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