Twitter won’t let you use its app on your iPhone 6, why?

In the digital age there is one thing that is more important than the hardware and that is all the programs that can help that whole mechanism work. Of course, the operating systems are the most important for these mechanisms to have a good performance and all the apps work. And the lack of updates is what they will suffer iPhone 6 users with the next Twitter update.

If you have iOS 12 you can’t use Twitter

All the applications you use on your smartphone are determined by certain requirements that your machines must meet. In all app stores they have to stipulate compatibility, something important for the correct functioning of the application. And this time, many will be affected by a new Twitter update. It turns out that the social network of the little bird will launch soon an update that will leave the iPhone 6 out of your application.

But they will not be the only ones, since soon Twitter will only be compatible with bitten apple devices that include iOS 14 onwards. The list includes the iPod Touch and iPad Air that still have this version inside, which, according to what it says TechRadarthey have lost different functions little by little to the point that the app only leaves the most basic: reading the tweets.

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Yes, there is a solution to bypass the new Twitter requirements

If your device has iOS 12, the Twitter app may stop working as usual. This is a nuisance for all those who do not want to change their terminal because the one they have still works for them. The same thing can happen to them soon when using WhatsApp, where the terminals of the bitten apple that have iOS 10 are still useful.

But back to the case of Twitter, there is still one last redoubt to take advantage of in an iPhone 6. And it is that through the browser version it is still possible to enjoy most of the functions that you will lose in the application, although it is true that having all the tweets quickly and with one click as well as launching your own almost instantly is what more comfortable.