The latest from WhatsApp: hide the last hour to a specific contact

It is not possible to hide that you are online in WhatsApp in general, there is no button in the application to help you. But you can activate a series of functions in the app to obtain more privacy, such as removing the last connection time. In this way, whoever enters WhatsApp and searches for your chat will not be able to see what time you stopped being online.

The problem? That there is no way to adjust it individually

Hide the last hour from a specific contact

Within Settings > Settings > Privacy You can choose if you want everyone who has your WhatsApp to see what time you were online the last time, just your contacts or no one directly. But you cannot select which specific contact you allow see that and which one not. Or you couldn’t.

Four months ago, WhatsApp released the beta update for Android, implementing the ability to choose who can see your personal information, such as your profile picture or the last time you logged in. The feature was rolled out to some beta testers, but it was only available to a very few people, but there is news today.

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only who you want

As reported by WABetaInfo about the new update of the Google Play beta program, version of WhatsApp for Android, this option has been extended to the section of the profile photo, the contact information and the last connection time. Now, both in ‘Time of last time’ of connection, as in ‘Profile picture’, ‘Information’ and ‘Status’, four options will be displayed: ‘All’, ‘My contacts’, ‘My contacts, except. ..’ and no one’.

Now its use is available to anyone who has WhatsApp Beta for Android, which leads us to think that the function will be integrated and we may have it available sooner rather than later, being an extra step to increase privacy in WhatsApp. If only Meta would implement the button once and for all so that we would not be seen online…