Spotify shows its podcasts like TikTok videos

TikTok has set the standard with its short video format in many ways. It has made more apparent, if it wasn’t already, the fact that everyone has access to a smartphone and how much they use it. That is why its rivals follow closely in its footsteps and those that are not so take good note to incorporate features into their services. Here we focus on the case of Spotify, which will put a new vertical carousel to show their podcasts.

Spotify copies the vertical carousel format to TikTok

Music applications aim to be as simple as possible because all you need is a good, clean design, a search engine, and a music player. Of course, programming all this is not an easy task, but if the result is interesting, you can be in front of a top application.

That is what many will think when opening Spotify, where great advances have already been made beyond traditional music. It is known that the company also leaves its space dedicated to those who want to start in the world of music, not to mention all those who use it as a ‘showcase’ to publish all your podcast regardless of the subject they profess.

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And it is on this last point that they have taken a step forward with the presence of a new way of displaying podcasts. turns out soon we will see how Spotify puts a small sample of the podcasts in a vertical carousel most interesting of the moment or those that may be to your liking based on what you already listen to.

According to PhoneArena, this feature is activated by clicking on the podcast section, where it will show you a small sample of an episode chosen at random by the app. Afterwards, everything is at your entire disposal: either you enter the channel and stay listening to the chapter or scroll up to find more content that may interest you.

Feature in testing phase

At the moment, Spotify is testing its carousel to show podcasts like TikTok does. This feature can give a more modern touch to the way you display your content. But we will have to wait to find out the true plans of the firm and the future of its app.