Rosalind Cubitt, this was the little-known life of Camilla de Cornwall’s mother

Mother’s Day was recently celebrated in the UK and royals British have remembered theirs. Elizabeth II to the Queen Mother, Prince Charles to Elizabeth II and Camilla of Cornwall, the future British queen to hers, much more unknown than the previous ones. Among other things because Rosalind Cubitt was not a member of royalty although she belonged to a certain aristocracy.

He died in 1994, at the age of 72, when there was still more than a decade left for Camila and Prince Charles to marry. died of osteoporosis, as Camila herself recalled in 2019, during a speech at the Osteoporosis Association. A “devastating disease”, so she called it. Her mother began to suffer from it at the same age as the Duchess of Cornwall, something for which Camila takes care of her.

Who was Rosalind Cubitt?

Rosalind Cubitt was born in 1921 in London, the daughter of Sonia Keppel and Roland Calvert Cubitt. She was a member of a minor aristocratic family on her father’s side but wealthy on her mother’s side, owner of a construction company which had been founded by his great-grandfather, Thomas Cubitt, a man of humble origins who would end up entering the history of public works in the British 19th century.

In this atmosphere of British aristocracy, the young Rosalind made her debut in 1939. Her dance was attended by royalsincluding King George VI, and the press named her “newcomer of the year”. In 1946 she married her boyfriend, Bruce Middleton Hope Shand, later a major in the British Army, who would become the father of their three children, Camilla (74), the eldest, Annabel (73) and Mark, who died in 2014 at 62. years.

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Camilla from Cornwall with her children Laura Lopes and Tom Parker Bowles.  (Photo: AFP)
Camilla from Cornwall with her children Laura Lopes and Tom Parker Bowles. (Photo: AFP)

She worked for an adoption agency and for 17 years volunteered at the Chailey Heritage Foundation where he helped children with mobility problems. Work that she combined with the care of her children and her home.

As Camila’s childhood friend, Priscilla Spencer, told the British tabloid Daily Mail a few years ago, “Sometimes you meet someone who is really outstanding and Rosalind was that person.”very similar to Camila, compared.

Only her husband, Bruce, was able to see how their daughter Camila became a leading member of the British royal family, although he was initially unenthusiastic about Prince Charles as a son-in-law. He died from cancer in 2006.

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