Premieres HBO Max April 2022, new series and movies: Tokyo Vice, Tenet

HBO Max prepares many things for the beginning of spring, many premieres that include the return of the maestro Michael Mann to television -Heat, Ali, The Last of the Mohicans, The Dilemma, Miami Vice- with TOKYO VICE, the series created by the screenwriter of ‘Oslo’. He also returns The city is Ours next April 26. Also, Y The baby will put the comic and terrifying counterpoint in a horror comedy that opens on the 25th.

In addition, this month sees the return of greatest hits: Gentleman Jack returns for its second season, as well as Made for Love. En The Flight Attendant we will have Kaley Cuoco back as a stewardess who will be joined by Sharon Stone in this new season; and the series Barry will try again to leave the past behind in its third season.

From Europe, on day 1 we get the thriller Thawingthe political drama The Informant and two very varied programs: checking, a personal and literal journey through the Czech Republic discovering its gastronomy and beauty; and One True Singer, the Romanian talent show that starts right where others end.

And the fourth season of the wacky kiwi supernatural comedy Wellington Paranormal, a spin-off of the masterful What We Do in the Shadows that follows in the wake of Taika Waititi’s absurd and quality comedy, and that follows Minogue and O’Leary, two police officers who are dedicated to investigating all kinds of paranormal events that are taking place in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, with ghosts, Nosferatu-style vampires or hideous bugs nicknamed ‘Cheese Face’.

But for an outstanding premiere, nothing less than one of the Wizarding World surgent of the saga Harry Potter: Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History, a documentary presented by that national treasure that is Stephen Fry that delves into the populated animal world of the sagas to discover the inspirations of the mythological creatures of the stories.

In the cinema section, HBO Max also brings Criminal Saints (April 5), the film that serves as a prequel to the story of ‘The Sopranos’ (already available in full on HBO Max), as well as the cryptic -and divisive- TENET (April 23), the latest work from Christopher Nolan and The Way Back, the sports drama starring Ben Affleck, which will arrive on April 11.


April 1st


THAWING. New serie

After the body of a young woman is found in the icy waters of Poland’s Oder River, newly widowed detective Katarzyna Zawieja (Katarzyna Wajda) leads the investigation to track down the killer. When it becomes clear that the victim gave birth shortly before her death, Zawieja, a young officer who never gives up easily, goes in search of the missing newborn. Still shaken by her husband’s suspected suicide, Zawieja undertakes an exhaustive effort to solve the case.


In 1985 communist Hungary, chess champion Geri (Gergely Váradi) is eager to start his second year of university in Budapest, even if it means leaving behind his sick little brother and the rest of his family. But Geri has a secret. His plans to meet girls and party are overturned when the Hungarian State Security blackmails Geri into spying on his charismatic classmate Zsolt Száva (Márton Patkós), an increasingly radical pro-democracy leader.

CHECKING. new program

This new program is an exploration of gastronomic experiences and the beauty of the Czech Republic, as well as the story of a father and his teenage daughter on a journey to get to know each other better. The series consists of eight episodes starring celebrity gourmet Lukáš Hejlík and his daughter Klára

ONE TRUE SINGER. new program

In this new talent show, 14 young artists are selected from hundreds of applicants. After having impressed a jury made up of Alex Cotoi, Alina Eremia, Șerban Cazan and Bruja, they enter the house of “One True Singer” and compete for a prize of €100,000. In addition to a cash prize of €50,000, the winner also receives a recording contract worth €50,000 with Global Records.

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Based on the series of novels by the famous writer Enyd Blyton, it tells the story of Darrell Rivers and his group of friends, all students of the Benenden boarding school, which had to be relocated during the war near Cornish

April 2


Hosted by Stephen Fry, it delves into the mythological, including dragons, mermaids, and unicorns, along with examinations of beasts from the natural world that continue to inspire us, like vervet monkeys, narwhals, and manatees. Fry travels the world to learn about these animals, chatting with dinosaur experts in Utah and traveling to Loch Ness in Scotland.

April 8

TOKYO VICE. New serie

Loosely inspired by American journalist Jake Adelstein’s first-person non-fiction account of the beat of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, this crime drama, shot on location in Tokyo, captures the descent into the neon covered underworld of Tokyo from Adelstein (played by Ansel Elgort) in the late ’90s, where nothing and no one is really what they seem.

April 12th

THE PITCH. New serie

When a gaping hole opens up in downtown Los Angeles, between the La Brea Tar Pits and Wilshire Boulevard, hundreds of people, vehicles, and buildings (including the distinctive Petersen Automotive Museum) are drawn into its depths. The survivors find themselves trapped in a mysterious and dangerous primeval land where they must band together to survive. The series follows a family (father, mother, son and daughter) who are separated by events and try to reunite.

April 15


April 22

THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT. Season 2 Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) is living her best sober life in Los Angeles while working as a CIA agent in her spare time. But when an assignment abroad leads her to unwittingly witness a murder, she becomes entangled in yet another international intrigue. The season was filmed in Los Angeles, Berlin, and Reykjavik.

April 25th

THE BABY. New serie

Michelle De Swarte (“The Marchioness”) plays 38-year-old Natasha, a woman angry that her closest friends are having babies. But when she unexpectedly comes across a baby of her own, her life dramatically implodes. Controlling, manipulative, yet incredibly cute, the baby twists Natasha’s life into a surreal spectacle of horror. As she discovers the true extent of the baby’s deadly nature, Natasha makes increasingly desperate attempts to get rid of him. She doesn’t want a baby. But the baby definitely loves her.

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BARRY. season 3

Desperate to put his violent past behind him in favor of his newfound passion, Barry (Hader) tries to disentangle himself from the world of contract killings and fully immerse himself in acting. But getting out is hard. While Barry has eliminated many of the external factors that pushed him toward violence, he soon discovers that they weren’t the only forces at play. What is it about his own psyche that led him to become a killer? Season three finds Barry and the other characters trying to make the right decision.

MAYANS M.C. Temporada 4

April 26

THE CITY IS OUR. New serie

Based on the book by Baltimore Sun journalist Justin Fenton, THE CITY IS OURS chronicles the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Tracking Task Force and the corruption and moral collapse they suffered in an American city. in which the policies of drug prohibition and mass arrests were defended at the expense of actual police work.


Yorkshire, 1834. All eyes are on Anne Lister and Ann Walker as they make their common home at Shibden Hall as wife and wife, determined to add their estates and become a power couple. Anne Lister’s entrepreneurial spirit frightens the locals as much as her offbeat love life, and with Halifax on the brink of revolution, her refusal to lay low becomes provocative and dangerous.

April 29

MADE FOR LOVE. Temporada 2

EVEN AND ODD. Season 2


5th of April


April 11


April 23rd