Global mentions are finally coming to Facebook Messenger

Messaging applications are already a thing that everyone uses today thanks to smartphones. They are a way to communicate more and it is only a matter of choosing the one that best suits your needs or with whom you want to talk. But what is most striking is the way the different users call each other and summon everyone to the same place. And it is at this point that it has come Goal with the new global mentions in the groups.

Mentions @everyone arrive on Messenger

It is a fact that messaging apps are of great importance for both ordinary users and companies. The latter have been able to make great use of these tools for many years so that their workers could have all the options at hand to talk to the rest of their colleagues.

In the case of other people, it is always good to use different applications in order to talk to different friends and family about whatever they want. But sometimes the options that companies have end up being the applications for users.

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Today it’s time to talk about one of the new features of Meta, which has to do with mentions. For years, if you speak in a group of the app of Facebook you can use the @ in order to speak directly with someone specific or, at least, address a user who is within the same group to get their attention in a specific way.

When using this command, the user who receives it is notified with a priority notification to attend to the comment as soon as possible.

More commands for Facebook Messenger

The arrival of the @everyone command is very helpful in the world of work to make announcements that everyone needs to know about. However, it is not the only one that will be available to all users of the application.

On the one hand, the /silent command will serve to silence the users of the group itself, but there is also another one that can be very helpful, such as /pay. The latter will serve to directly make a payment directly to the group or to someone specific in the group.