Wordle in Spanish: clues for today’s word. What is the solution to challenge 84?

Wordle come back one more day with a mental challenge so that we say goodbye to the month of March without giving up our routines. This free game invites us to guess every day a 5-letter word in a maximum of 6 attempts; placing one by one the vowels and/or consonants that allow us to discover what word is being asked of us. Today, Thursday, March 31, 2022awaits us wordle challenge 84 in spanish. As always, we leave you a series of tricks, tips and today’s exact word at the end of this article. Let’s go with it!

Tricks to Guess Wordle’s Daily Challenge Word in 6 Attempts

  • Start playing with the same words to start with if they have helped you find the solution in previous days so far.
  • Discard words containing the gray letters to discard from previous attempts.
  • Keep the letters marked in green on the next try and reposition the letters that have appeared in yellow.
  • Do not rule out the possibility of repeating some letters if the double letters of the alphabet are marked in green: R, L, C.
  • Use the first attempts to write words that include vowels and the most common consonants of the Spanish alphabet: L, M, N, R, S.
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Solution for Wordle challenge 84 today March 31, 2022

The following 5 clues will help you find the solution for today’s word:

  1. It does not have repeated letters.
  2. It starts with a consonant and ends with a vowel.
  3. There are 2 vowels and 3 consonants.
  4. It is a very juicy fruit.
  5. The word type is a noun.

What is today’s word in Wordle?

Scroll down to find out the Wordle solution for today.

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