Google will allow older phones to revoke app permissions

One of the things that smartphone users demand more and more is to have well defined the different permissions that they give to applications. Over the years, companies have noticed that some applications could not access certain sections of the device and this is something that has remained until today. But the big G have found the solution by bringing old mobiles closer to revoking app permissions.

More privacy for older users

Every year the different manufacturers of smartphones bring to the market several proposals to the market. There are many segments in which they work, but sometimes what prevails is the version of the operating system that they mount inside. This also changes over the years and, in fact, it is appreciated because it helps to provide new features when using the terminal.

And it seems that Google is clear that they have to offer some improvement to all users who have been with their old terminal for a long time. There are many who today still use an old mobile, so much so that they may have one that is at least five years old. Back then apps used to access all parts of a mobile without the user’s consent, but this will change soon.

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From the Mountain View company, important measures have been taken with which Android users will soon benefit greatly. The company is working on a new feature with which they intend that users of a terminal between Android 6 and 10 have the ability to revoke the permissions to the different applications that they move.

A new Play Protect feature

Google has been worrying about the safety of its users for some time and ensuring that malicious applications are removed from its store. But it is also very important that the applications work well and that they are not abusive with the data they take from users.

It will be from the first quarter of the present 2022 when the firm begins with the deployment of this feature with which will remove all permissions after three months without updating. Then it will be an important moment for developers to give their apps applications on a regular basis so that they work well and maintain their privileges on the terminals where they have been installed.

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