The feature that TikTok needs is finally in testing: the viewing history

It wasn’t like that before, but in today’s social networks, with algorithms showing content from those we follow, who we could follow, ads, recommendations, etc., the amount of content we see when opening an app is constant. This happens on TikTok, where it’s easy to accidentally update your “For You” page and lose a video before you’ve had a chance to like it, and therefore not be able to watch it again.

TikTok viewing history

For this reason, it would be ideal for the social network to include some type of function in its mobile application that is similar to the history of a web browser. Well said and done, TikTok is testing a new “watching history” feature with some users to let them find videos that appeared on their For You page that they didn’t have a chance to save.

Twitter user Hammod Oh, an expert in filtering features being tested by social media platforms, was the first to discover the function, which was later highlighted by social media consultant Matt Navarra. Screenshots posted by Hammod Oh and other users indicate that a TikTok user’s watch history will be accessible in the “content and activity” section of the app’s settings.

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Find a video on YouTube

When will it arrive? That’s not known yet, but if you want to do the same thing, find that video you watched and liked but didn’t save, there are several ‘homemade’ methods online: Earlier this year, TikTok user “rachforaday posted a video that walks users through the process of discovering a missing video on the platform. According to the video you should do the following:

  1. Go to the Discover page
  2. click search
  3. Enter an asterisk
  4. Go to the search filters tab and activate the “viewed videos” button
  5. Once you click apply, you’ll get a list of videos you’ve watched in the last seven days.