“Koh-Lanta” – Clementine eliminated: “The boys were a thousand times smarter than the girls!”

She dreamed of saying whatever she can think of to the girls who voted against last week on the council. But Clémentine will not have the opportunity, eliminated in the arena of the island of the banished by Ugo and Clémence. Before leaving, the adventurer with a strong character emptied her bag in front of the ambassadors Laurent and Phil. Explanations that could play a crucial role in the next episode …

Clémentine, do you have “the seum” after this elimination, to use a fashionable expression?

(Laughs) Serious! It can clearly be said that from the moment I am on the island of the banished, I have the seum. So much so that I had renamed it the island of seum! And when I leave, I have even more the seum because I could not confront the people who had eliminated me.

Losing in the arena to Ugo and Clémence, is it almost secondary?

Yes, it doesn’t matter because they deserved to come back on the adventure just as much as I did. But above all I have this kind of lump in my stomach. I tell myself “Bug, I’m not going to be able to throw everything I wanted to throw at the people who eliminated me from the board!”.

You do it a bit when you leave by explaining to Phil and Laurent how some of them behaved with you …

In fact I am re-establishing the truth in front of them. Ugo and Clémence were obviously aware, Clémence especially since she was in the same situation as me. So I just want to set the record straight on this girl’s alliance that I was the victim of.

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With Alix and Alexandra, I still can’t understand the true from the false– Clementine

Are you aware, at the time, that you will perhaps influence the decision of the Ambassadors?

At the time, I did not think about it. I just want to tell them that I was clean, that with Candice and Clémence, we never wanted to eliminate the strongest as some made believe. That it is Coumba who is at the origin of this and that she does not assume it in front of the boys. Because I think that when you don’t take on this show, you look like the worst possible person.

Candice told us to have forgiven Coumba. Is this your case too?

I have no direct anger against Coumba because she was not the one who eliminated me directly. Christelle, it’s the same. They are people I appreciate outside of the game. On the other hand, I have always struggled with Alix and Alexandra. I always found that they lacked honesty with me, even though nothing had happened between us. I admit that these are people that I can not identify, even outside the game. And there, that poses a problem for me. Whereas a Coumba is someone whose values ​​and character I appreciate. Alix and Alexandra, I still can’t understand the true from the false and I’m having a little trouble.

The boys were a thousand times smarter than the girls! The proof: we jump one after the other– Clementine

What are you saying is that this alliance of girls could never have worked? Because they are cut into two camps?

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Not at all. When we make this girls’ alliance, we are all involved in it. Ok, Coumba sets it up and we all follow it. All without exception, even Alexandra who simply did not want us to eliminate Loïc first. What happened was that the boys were very strong and they managed to turn the brains of some of them.

Were they smarter than the girls?

Ah but I shout it from the rooftops! The boys were a thousand times smarter than the girls! The proof: we jump one after the other.

Despite the disappointment, are you happy to have done this Koh-Lanta?

Ah yes, I am very happy that I did. I had three adventures in one adventure. With the girls where it was great. I had a blast. The red team, it went less well because there was the alliance of the elders of “Koh-Lanta: the 4 Lands” with Alix, etc. and the boys who were very close. Then on the island of the banished with Ugo where I spent a very difficult week but so simple and so healthy. I loved. And then to be in the middle of all these legends, with a level of crazy. Make the adventure with Claude, Teheiura, Laurent, that great guys. Even the girls. I think of Jade, Clémence and even Coumba. I am very proud to have participated even though I would have liked to go further because I had the skills.

She might take her revenge someday

What has this program changed in your life?

I am often asked the question but it has not changed much. Notoriety, of course. Except that I’m not very comfortable with it. I went on TV, I won events. But I feel less legitimate than a top athlete or a writer. And then I love my life away from the cameras so much…

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You also opened a restaurant a few months ago. How does it happen ?

It’s a restaurant in La Clusaz, in the resort. It works really well, I am very happy. I am in an environment that I am discovering, running a business is new to me. But I am in the mountains, between two services I can do sports activities with my companion. I am very happy.

When you are asked what is your job today, what do you say?

That I am a restaurant manager! But a year ago I said badminton coach and in two years I might be an astronaut. I like the challenge, the change. And I know the restaurant will only last a while. Two years max, and I’m doing something else for sure.

A new “Koh-Lanta”?

Right now, I would say no. But I know that deep down I have a little frustration and that I would need to take revenge. I didn’t win a “Koh-Lanta”, the first time it didn’t go far. And I still have the rage to win. So you should never say never.

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