New Amazon Prime Video series and movies for April 2022: El Internado returns

This week begins the month of April. And that in the VOD field means 4 weeks of new series, movies and documentaries. In fact, Amazon Prime Video opens its biggest asset of the month just this week.

The Boarding School: The Summits is a ‘reboot’ that brought us last year a new location, cast and denotes that it is a current series, since its first season was 8 episodes. The new students had to survive in a boarding school in Navarra, surrounded by threatening forests.

In the second season of the new Internship, the death of a certain character at the end of the first one caused a bunch that outraged the director, who now imposes an even stricter discipline than the one already in force in the center. Furthermore, after Rita’s death, no one doubts that a serial killer, an alleged Raven’s Nest copycat, is responsible for the crimes. However, Amaia, Paul, Paz, Eric and Julio are not going to sit idly by, especially now that thanks to Adèle, they believe they can find Manuel alive. Will they arrive in time to save him? Who is behind the laboratory that is carrying out research with humans? And, most importantly, what is the point of all these experiments?

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On Laura Pausini – nice to meet you, What would have happened if Laura hadn’t won the Sanremo Music Festival that night in 1993? For the first time, the queen of Italian pop steps in front of the cameras of a feature film and shows her true soul to the audience through never-before-seen moments from her private and professional life. To tell her story, Laura retraces her steps, from childhood, through all the stages of her extraordinary career and her everyday life.

In the fourth season of Mothers. Love and life we have more personal stories and medical cases contextualized in a new environment and with new characters. A new perspective of Los Arcos Hospital based on the important changes that occurred during the third season in the professional and vital course of Dr. Olivia Zavala (Aida Folch). These will be the plot axes of a fourth season that will maintain the emotional tone of the series, in addition to incorporating numerous new features in the cast and plots.

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On Better days We follow the process of overcoming five characters who meet in a peculiar grief therapy for parents who have lost their partner. The series recounts the hard times that result from the loss of a loved one, optimistically showing how, despite the wounds, sooner or later it is possible to laugh again, love and, above all, live again.

And in Outer Range We have the story of Royal Abbott, a rancher fighting for his land and his family, who discovers an incomprehensible mystery on the edge of the Wyoming wilderness. An exciting family saga with hints of wry humor and supernatural mystery that examines how we deal with the unknown. Directed by and starring Oscar nominee Josh Brolin -The Goonies, Hollow Man, Thanos in the MCU.

Series, movies and documentaries Amazon Prime Video April 2022

April 1

The Boarding School: The Heights, Season 2

a wolf like me

Never, almost never, sometimes, always

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4 april

Jumani: The Next Level

7 april

Laura Pausini: nice to meet you

8 april

A date with the past

mothers. love and life season 4

15 april

Outer Range

The Pack, Season 2

The coupon queens

22 april


Better days

In the court of the little prince

24 april


28 april

Bang Bang Baby

make me fly

29 april

Undone, temporada 2

I Love America