Microsoft Edge could have a dedicated Office 365 bar

Microsoft already has one of the most important Internet browsers on the market. Each device has the ability to download Microsoft Edge, but it is the browser version that is the most advanced and most attractive to users. In fact, the company wants to make it much more functional with your products by placing a certain space for Microsoft Office.

Office will integrate with Microsoft Edge

It is very normal to find applications that complement each other, especially those that come from the same developer. We put a very common case such as that of Adobe, a company that has many applications that generate their own type of files and that are compatible between the different applications available.

Microsoft has also done the same with its office suite, but it seems that it still has a lot to offer. Following what counts Windows Central there are already users of Edge Canary that they have at their disposal a new tab that introduces some of the office applications inside the browser.

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The curious thing is that according to the image shared by the media, the company offers a free version of this office pack that has, for now, the most popular applications of the system. But everything can have a reason and it is that it refers to the online version of Excel, Word and PowerPoint. In case you didn’t know, if you’re a user of the firm’s messaging service you have access to OneDrive and Office Online, which is free and has the most basic system options.

In the image you can also see that there is a direct access to the applications, which could indicate that any file you want to have access to will open in that small space as long as it appears in the Microsoft cloud.

It is not yet known when it will reach the rest of the users, since the Canary version is the version prior to the final beta of Edge, so the Redmond company may be a bit far from launching this function. BTW, Google has its own representation if you use their apps. In your case there are some limitations, but the ‘extra’ apps are very useful such as Keep, Calendar or Maps for example.