TikTok Library, the new function to use GIFs on the social network

TikTok is one of the almost essential applications for users today. And it is that it has become a most common entertainment center and, as if that were not enough, fast and unlimited. It is true that there are a certain number of videos in the application, but watching all of them in one day is totally impossible. In fact, app users will now have the TikTok Library, a resource place with GIFs to make better videos.

TikTok launches its library of resources

Experts in the audiovisual world know that to make a video you need the videos to be edited. In these ‘gross’ there is everything, from statements, through detailed plans, the important part of the content and the resource plans or all those videos that serve to give added value to the rest.

Precisely, these resources are an important part of the content to be created since they help make the content very striking. You may not have time to create this type of content yourself and you need to take a look at a page that has what you need. Although in the case of TikTok this will change soon with the arrival of the TikTok Library.

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The Chinese firm has teamed up with one of the most important small video portals on the market. We talk about GIPHY, which has a vast library of GIFs that you can use in a lot of communication and multimedia applications. You just have to find the one you like the most and put it in the publication you are generating.

More partners on the way

The arrival of the TikTok Libraries may be one of the best options that the firm has to grow and help users to do so. And it is that not all users can have their own short video content with which to capture the attention of users.

At the moment, GIPHY is the first ally of the company, but it remains to be seen how it will continue with this proposal in the future. And it is that in TechCrunch they say that in the future we will see more additional content sources, audio and sounds, text templates and other TikTok creator content, although we will have to wait to see who will be in charge of offering said content.