Everything you didn’t know about Carolina Herrera’s 212

212 Carolina Herrera

In the world of Carolina Herrera there are 3 universes:

  1. 212: aimed at young souls who seek adventure and action, who are not afraid of anything and do the impossible to fulfill their dreams.
  2. CH: elegant and sophisticated are the best adjectives that describe this universe, it is for determined women with a lot of character.
  3. CH New York: it is inspired by haute couture, by the magic that New York has as the cradle of fashion. It is basically for seductive women looking to change the rules of the game.

What does the number 212 mean for Carolina Herrera?

The creation of their perfumes always have a story behind them and their recent launch 212 Heroes Forever Young is no exception. For this new edition, Herrera captured the number 212 as the name of her new line, the prefix she used to communicate with Manhattan, the place where she began to write her own story as a designer. As her name says 212 Heroes, she seeks female empowerment and celebrates the adventure of being yourself. She represents the founder of it and all the women who transform society.

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212 Heroes is the promise of eternal youth that fits perfectly on a skateboard. This new line came to break all stigmas and remind us that we are: free, bold, dreamers, heroes in every sense of the word.

212 Heroes Forever Young de Carolina Herrera



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