The 68 Netflix premieres for April 2022: when Elite season 5 premieres

March leaves and April arrives. Or what is the same: Winter is leaving and spring is coming. Intense little week of transition on Netflix, which eliminates a hundred titles and at the same time announces everything it will bring in April 2022. And the main dish of the month has a well-known name with many fans: Elite.

elite season 5 arrives next week, April 8, in time for the Easter holidays and will supposedly pick up where season four left off, beginning its own mystery – whether or not the ones left out will be solved is unknown, given the outing and characters entrance: The actors Valentina Zenere and André Lamoglia enter and Itzan Escamilla and Omar Ayuso, Samuel and Omar leave.

But there is more:

Welcome to Eden: A series with beautiful people in a cast led by Amaia Salamanca, and with a plot that seems like an Instagrammer’s worst nightmare, in which five handsome and attractive influencers go to a mega-exclusive party organized by a drink brand organized in a secret island. What they will experience there will change their lives, and will make them see that paradise is not so beautiful and attractive, if they manage to leave.

Heirs of the Earth, Season 1: Young and resourceful Hugo Llor strives to make a name for himself in 14th-century Barcelona, ​​while fulfilling a vow he made to the Estanyol family. The Dusk Sale, Season 4: Oppenheim Group’s elite agents sell luxury living to wealthy Los Angeles buyers. Relationships are everything, and that often means high drama.

The Russian Doll is back in a second season starring Natasha Lyonne that takes place four years after the first and will see Nadia and Alan discover a time portal in New York that will force them to confront their past all over again. Anatomy of a Scandal, starring Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery and Rupert Friend. The story of how Sophie’s privileged life as the wife of powerful politician James falls apart when scandal breaks and he is accused of a shocking crime. AND Between fence and fencea prison comedy that shows the ups and downs of prison life through Laura Willis, who turns her career around when she takes charge of a women’s prison.

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Ozark, season 4: A financial adviser drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder $500 million over five years to appease a drug kingpin. between the worlds: After losing the love of her life in a tragic accident, a heartbroken teenager begins to believe that he is sending her signals from beyond the grave. The Crystal Girls: María Pedraza stars in a psychological drama accompanied by Mona Martínez, Marta Hazas, Ana Wagener and Paula Losada that tells the story of a dancer who, faced with great pressure, she and a partner find refuge in a friendship that isolates them from the world real.

choose or die: Two friends tempted by unclaimed prize money reboot a mysterious ’80s video game and enter a surreal world immersed in pure terror. let yourself go: The summer before college, the formal Auden meets the mysterious Eli. Night after night, he helps her enjoy her youth in a way unknown to her. The Siege of Silverton: When a sabotage mission goes awry, a trio of anti-apartheid rebels find themselves involved in a tense hostage hold-up on a bank. Based on a true story.

Everything is Gila: Several Spanish comedians get on stage, pick up the phone and recreate some of the most legendary monologues of the admired Miguel Gila to pay tribute to him. Mother’s Love: Comedy of a crazy honeymoon in which the groom does not travel with his wife, but with his mother after leaving him standing at the altar. Apollo 10 and a half: A Space Childhood, a film by Richard Linklater (Before… trilogy) that returns to the field of rotoscope animation -painting over the film already shot- with an 80s-style science fiction film in which a boy has the opportunity to work for The NASA.

The bubble: Judd Apatow’s comedy that deals with the new normality and the rules of filming in the time of the Coronavirus, with a group of actors who are making an action film that cannot go outside, but everything must be shot in a studio and with chroma.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story: hard documentary with no less hard testimonies that tell how the media star Jimmy Savile conquered a country with his eccentricity and philanthropy, until the accusations of sexual abuse against him revealed a dark facet hitherto unknown. The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: The Unreleased Tapes: documentary that explores the mystery and fascination surrounding the death of the iconic icon of classic Hollywood through unpublished interviews with his closest circle.

Netflix series for April 2022

April 1

welcome to eden


the last bus

peter the scaly

Beyblade Burst Surge

Cocomelón ¡A cantar !, season 5

Abby Hatcher, temporada 2

4 april

Job offer

Mighty Express, temporada 6

6 april


8 april

erotic lines

Elite’, season 5

Green Eggs and Ham Season 2

Tiger & Bunny, temporada 2

9 april


12 april

Between fence and fence

animal detectives

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13 april

Almost Happy Season 2

The mother-in-law who gave birth to you

14 april

Ultraman, season 2

15 april

anatomy of a scandal

The heirs of the earth

19 april

Pacific Rim: No Man’s Land, Season 2

Kitty Zasca

20 april

Yakamoz S-245

Russian Doll Season 2

21 april

Kentaro is pregnant

22 april


27 april

Komi-san Can’t Communicate Season 2

Grace and Frankie, temporada 7

29 april

Ozark, season 4 part 2

No specific date

not a word

Netflix Movies for April 2022

April 1

Apollo 10½: A Space Childhood

The bubble

Millennium: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Battle: Freestyle

Always at the best time

Creed II

Millennium: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning

6 april


8 april

the crystal girls

Yaksha: ruthless operations

Metal Lords

between the worlds

13 april

Proskromienie Zlosnicy

15 april

choose or die

16 april

Man of God

20 april

Inflection point

22 april

let yourself go

27 april

The Siege of Silverton

28 april


29 april

Mother’s Love

Documentaries and Netflix Realities for April 2022

April 1

Celeb Five: Behind the scenes

‘The Home Edit: Everything in its place

5 april

Mike Epps: Indiana Mike

6 april

The ultimatum: get married or leave

Michela Giraud: The truth, I swear!

7 april

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

back to space

Senzo: The Murder of a Soccer Star

13 april

majestic national parks

19 april

On Target – The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch

20 april

Conversations with a Killer – The John Wayne Gacy Tapes

21 april

Everything is Gila

22 april

Sunset: The Golden Mile, Season 5

27 april

The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: The Unreleased Tapes