Windows 11 gives you more freedom to change the default browser

One of the things that every computer and smartphone already have as standard is the Internet browser. This application is extremely important to get answers to all the questions you can find on the Net. But at Microsoft they have tried by all means that their users stay with their newest application, something that they are going to change with a new faster way to change default browser in Windows 11.

Windows 11 will let you change the browser more easily

Microsoft is very proud of Edge, its new application for browsing the Internet. But this time we are talking about the new version that came to replace the one that appeared with Windows 10 and that has put back in the market with great functions and features similar to Google Chrome.

Those of Redmond have done everything possible to make users stay with this application, but the truth is that there is still a lot of mistrust. But what they can’t do is force the situation and so they must let users choose their favorite browser.

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At least that’s how they say it WindowsCentral, where they also state that until now it is necessary that this procedure must be repeated several times. In the end, the new Windows 11 update, which corresponds to build 22000.593, will allow you to make this change quickly and easily.

As you can see in the image, in the default applications section you will have the usual sections referring to each type of file you want to open. However, at the top, the settings show you a single space that allows you to choose another browser as ‘default’.

Change only the browser, but not all options

One of the things that seems to be clear is that changing the default Windows 11 browser does not mean changing the rest of the options and getting rid of Edge once and for all. Making this change will only prevent one of the features of the Windows browser.

That is, you can change to Microsoft Edge as the default browser, but the rest of the files with different extensions, such as PDFs, may remain under its domain unless you indicate otherwise to the machine.