Spotify will put a notice of the content on the COVID-19

One of the features that have marked all the applications during 2020 and 2021 has been the announcement about COVID-19. The different companies have done everything possible to always offer official data on the pandemic, a way to avoid speculation and, above all, false information, as happened with the anti-vaccine movement. But in all the places they have not taken the same time as it can be seen in Spotify and its new announcement about the content of COVID-19.

The music app finally puts out an announcement about coronavirus information

Everyone thinks of Spotify as a music application where you can listen to the latest hits from the artists of the moment. Everything you need is in their library, and you only have to do a little searching in order to find it. But for a few months now, audio content as we know it has received a lot of integration with the arrival of the podcasts.

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And it is that any user is capable of easily generating an audio file and uploading it to the application in order to obtain followers and do something similar to a radio program. But this means dedicating your space to everyone, including those who may spread false or misinformation.

With this premise, and after months of waiting, Spotify will put a notice of the content on the COVID-19. During the pandemic we have seen how the vast majority of Internet portals have offered a lot of data on the subject, one that has been of global interest for two years due to its great impact on health.

According to what you say Engadgetthe firm has said that this announcement has been in operation since February and is a small label that stands out to put all the official information on the progress of the virus.

It has been implemented in many channels that were of great impact due to the presence they had among users, but now this announcement will be much more present so that misinformation spreads because of a relevant podcast that does not have true or verified data. .