Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 shares first images and release date

Of course, as this is a Pacific Rim series, this research included piloting their Jaeger, lots of adventure, and some fantastic characters and creatures. And now the adventure continues with the final season of Pacific Rim: The Black.

Netflix and Legendary Television have revealed that the final season of this series will be released on April 19. They also share a description of the upcoming season. The synopsis says:

We’ll see a lot of action, that’s for sure. Between the Jaegers, the assassins, a cult, and perhaps a Messiah, Taylor and Hayley will have a lot to do. And we can’t wait to see their adventure come to an end. Fingers crossed that all of our favorite characters make it out in one piece. Which will certainly not be easy with all the dangers that surround them. But we have faith in their strength.

Netflix and Legendary Television have also shared some first images from the series. And they really give us an idea of ​​the magnitude of this season. Take a look, here:

We love the diversity of our first look at the season. And this cult… We wouldn’t touch it, too. Just look at those eyes. Can a Jaeger fight against indoctrination? We will see. It all makes us want to watch right away, though. So, while waiting for April 19, we will take care of reviewing season 1 if you need us.

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