The 60 Disney+ releases for April 2022, which series and movies to watch: Death on the Nile

After a heart-stopping month of March in which we saw true heavyweights like Spielberg’s West Side Story, Moon Knight (opening tomorrow the 30th), Nightmare Alley or Pixar’s Red, April is also packed with new releases for the VOD platform . And in fact with another Triple A such as Death on the Nile.

Filmed again by Kenneth Brannagh -full as Poirot once again-, Death on the Nile reimagines the literary original and presents us with a crime -or several- to solve in the exotic Egypt of the early 20th century. With a premiere postponed several times due to the pandemic -and the ‘cannibal’ scandal of one of the male protagonist-, Death on Nile will be available on Disney+ for all subscribers, and has in its choral cast Gal Gadot -yes, Wonder Woman-, Annette Clear (Captain Marvel), Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) and Letitia Wright (Black Panther), as well as Armie Hammer -who remains ostracized in Hollywood.

But there is more, since we have The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes, a miniseries in which Amanda Seyfried gets into the shoes of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos and known for the huge medical scam she orchestrated around a revolutionary device that promised very accurate blood tests, and which was later proven to be a millionaire fraud.

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We also have Fresh, a comedy-horror thriller in which the directors freshen up the current dating world, in which a young girl embarks on a promising relationship with a boy who is too perfect at first glance after several love failures, which in reality hides a terrifying nature, refrain sensitive stomachs. AND Quills, 2000 film in which a huge Geoffrey Rush (Pirates of the Caribbean, Shine) got into the madness of the iconic Marquis de Sade.

for the kids Ice Age: The Misadventures of Scrat, completely focused on the star character of the Ice Age animated saga: Scrat the squirrel who has always stolen the limelight in all the films in the series. This time, Scrat not only has to deal with the everlasting acorn, but also his son Baby Scrat’s. And thesecond season of the successful reboot of DuckTales, the classic 80s animation with Donald, Uncle Scrooge and the nephews.

On Wow Fabric, Sam we have Samantha Fink, a twentysomething alcoholic experiencing a public embarrassment at a New York media company. Fact that she forces him to return to her mother’s house to stay sober and avoid going to jail. And in alternative therapy, a couple of lovers, made up of Elías and Malena, are going through a crisis in their relationship, for which they decide to seek the help of Selva, an eccentric psychologist, who they believe could help them separate and thus achieve each one be happy. with their respective marriages.

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6 of April

Cloak and Dagger, Seasons 1 and 2

Me and the World, Seasons 1, 2 and 6

Bluey, seasons 1 and 2

April 13th

the ignorant angels

new york cops

blessed patience

Fancy Nancy, seasons 1 and 2

April 14th

Las Kardashians

April 20th

The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes

Perfect Harmony

the last man on earth

Gigantosaurus, season 1

DuckTales Season 2

April 27

Ridley Road

Kuzco: An Emperor at School, Seasons 1 and 2

The Big Leap: The Great Leap

Grand Hotel

sand promises


April 1st

Nate’s dream


A perfect plan

April 8

Sex Appeal

the call of the wild



April 15


Forever Friends

maximum anxiety

April 22

Le Mans 66

The devil’s lawyer

A madman on the loose in Hollywood

April 29


to any other place

The hate you give


April 1st

The reason I jump

6 of April

Africa’s Deadliest Predators Seasons 5 & 6

Celebrities in Danger with Bear Grylls, Season 6

April 13th

Remote survival, temporada 1

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Illegal trafficking in Mariana Van Zeller, season 1

April 20th

Hacking the System, temporada 1

Filipa’s notebooks


April, the 21st

captivating the audience

April 22

Explorer: Alex Honnold in the Amazon

My Big Little Farm: The Return

Polar Bear: how it was made

Polar wasp

April 27

Drain the Oceans S3