WhatsApp wants you to send up to 2 GB of files

There are many users who send all kinds of videos through WhatsApp. The truth is that for many it is the fastest channel to share this type of content and ensure that some information reaches those who matter most. But in Meta they want to improve a part of their service that had become obsolete and it seems that Sending longer files on WhatsApp will finally have a solution.

Up to two gigabytes limit to share on WhatsApp

As we were saying, there are many who use the Meta messaging service in order to share data and files of all kinds. A document only uses a few megabytes of space, but when it comes to sending an image or video, you may be in for a rude surprise. And it is that now it is difficult to think that any video you make with your mobile will reach someone on WhatsApp, unless the company brings out the new function that we are talking about.

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the boys from WABetaInfo They have found a new characteristic of the firm that, finally, is more realistic according to the times. And it is that with current technologies it is almost impossible to send a 100 mb file, so the company wants to increase the limit up to no less than 2 GB. It is a measure of the most anticipated, although the company still needs time to know the limits of this feature.

In trials for Argentina

As usual, Meta chooses some countries where to do its tests. And the truth is that in South America a lot of data is taken to include different functions later. In this case, Argentina is the country in which this function is being tested, with which you can send files of up to two gigabytes. The rest of the world will have to wait until one day both iOS and Android users get their hands on this all-important feature.

It is also true that not all users have it, since it is those targeted at the Beta version who will have this feature working before anyone else and as tests, so they will have to be careful about what they send so that the file does not get corrupted in a matter of glitches.