The next Motorola mobile could bring a 200 MPX camera

The world of smartphones has changed a lot since its inception. At a structural level, these improvements can be seen as they no longer have visible antennas or even keys on the front. But what is also striking is that there are many firms that have declined in favor of others that have also done a good job. Among these is Motorola, which continues to struggle to convince users and soon he will do it with a 200 MPX mobile on his camera.

A mobile with great capabilities

It is known by all lovers of the audiovisual world that the most important thing in a camera is not the megapixels, but the resolution. You may have a very capable lens, but if it shoots in 480p you will not have a good image quality. Luckily this does not happen in traditional cameras or in smartphones, where there are great advances.

We have seen many very good rear cameras in recent years, which are not only in the highest ranges if we remove their most exclusive features. But it is a fact that the higher you aim, the more exponents you find yourself very capable of everything. This is what Motorola wants to do with its next smartphone, where they want to mount nothing less than a 200 MPX sensor.

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We are used to some figures doubling from one year to the next, such as the internal storage or RAM of a device, but there comes a time when it seems that these improvements tend to be much more impressive.

What has been leaked from this feature, based on what they put into PhoneArena, is the shape of its encapsulation, which is very reminiscent of what is seen in companies like Realme. By this we mean the use of a rectangular shape with a large lens taking up one segment and two at the bottom.

Other news that could come

Motorola is thinking of releasing a mobile with a very powerful camera. And it is worth remembering that Samsung is one of those that has put a 108 MPX lens in its Galaxy S22 Ultra, which allows it to take some very good images, not to mention the software that it has built in.

In the house of the American firm they could double this capacity, one that they also have They have in their G200 model that they also reach 108 MPX.