The latest March releases on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Movistar+: Moon Knight

One month ends, another begins. We are entering a week of transition in which the latest releases of March are crowded with the first of April, which will enter from the weekend. So we are going to review what we will see from Monday to Friday in a week in which, apart from Oscars controversies, the biggest premiere comes from the hand of Disney + and its possible bombshell: Moon Knight.

Moon Knight / Knight Moon, new series of the UCM Marvel which tells the story of Steven Grant, a gift shop clerk suffering from memory loss and experiencing flashbacks from another life. Steven discovers that he has dissociative identity disorder and that he shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge, he must grapple with the complexity of his identities as he plunges into a deadly mystery that dwells among the mighty gods of Egypt. A series with the always great Oscar Isaacs as the protagonist and that has the sad fact that the actor who plays the main villain, Gaspard Ulliel, died unexpectedly last January at just 37 years old.

On HBO Max tenemos Moonshota romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist, set in a future where Mars is terraformed and colonized by elites, two very different college students join forces and board a space shuttle to the red planet.

And Netflix Hail: A famous television weatherman, Miguel Flores, becomes public enemy number one when he fails to prevent a terrible hail storm. This will force him to flee from the great capital of Buenos Aires to find refuge in his hometown of Córdoba, which will lead to a journey of rediscovery that is as absurd as it is human.

And in Filmin’ the premiere of The Newsreader, in which in the midst of a 1986 Australian commercial television newsroom maelstrom, Dale Jennings (Sam Reid, Anonymous, Belle) is a diligent young reporter desperate to become a newscaster. of the television news. Helen Norville (Anna Torv, Fringe, Mindhunter) is a notoriously “difficult” star broadcaster, determined to gain credibility.

New Netflix movies for March 2022

March 30


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New Netflix documentaries for March 2022

March 29

Johnny Halliday

Premiere series HBO Max March 2022

March 31st

JULIA. New serie

Inspired by childhood and Julia Child’s long-running television show pioneering the genre. Through Julia’s life and her unique joie de vivre, the series explores a pivotal moment in American history: the rise of public television as a new social institution, feminism and the women’s movement, nature of celebrities and the cultural evolution of the United States. At its core, the series is a portrait of a loving marriage with shifting power dynamics.


Dr. Brené Brown takes viewers on an interactive journey through the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human with topics such as anxiety, empathy, regret, etc.

Premiere movies HBO Max March 2022

March 31st


Movistar+ premiere movies for March 2022

Tuesday 29

dangerous cuts. Unpublished Cinema

Premieres by M+ (dial 30). Rachel Carey’s feature film writing and directing debut is this smart, irreverent and poignant black comedy that turns into a hilarious cry against gentrification and social decay in big-city neighbourhoods. ‘Dangerous Courts’ is set in a working-class Dublin neighborhood, Piglinstown, in full decline due to attacks and blackmail by Deano’s gang.

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Movistar+ premiere series for March 2022

Monday 28

Resident Alien. Temporada 2

SYFY (dial 22). Harry must face the consequences of failing his mission.

Premiere series on Disney+ March 2022

March 30

Caballero Luna / Moon Knight

Premiere series on Filmin March 2022

29 March

The Newsreader

Anna Torv (“Fringe”) and Sam Reid (“’71”) star in this television gem, a must for lovers of journalism and the media.