That’s how simple Shakira’s house was before she was famous

Colombian singer Shakira 45 years old is one of the most popular Latin artists of the moment, with more than three decades of career behind her, she managed to consolidate herself in the music industry and today her face is known in all corners of the world where she accumulates millions of fans.

Shakira has been living in the city of Barcelona for a long time with her partner, the soccer player Gerard Piqué and the two children they have in common Milan and Sasha. From there she travels to her recording studio in Miami whenever she needs to as she did late last year.

The truth is Shakira He has not always lived in Europe, all his childhood and adolescence he lived in the city of Barranquilla in Colombia with his parents and brothers. Now a video has gone viral on the network that shows how her childhood home is currently.

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The property on which Shakira lived with his parents William Mebarak and Nidia del Carmen Ripoll is located in the “El Limoncito” neighborhood, about six kilometers from the center of the main city. It is located on the second floor of a building that is currently painted white.

The residents of the area are used to the fact that this building has become a tourist place where thousands of fans of Shakira by season and they assure that before it was brown. The simple house has three rooms in one of them, the singer composed the songs for her first album called “Magia” that she released in the early ’90s.

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