“Pasión de gavilanes”: Atresmedia’s commitment to the original season

Although the second season of “Passion of Hawks” premiered in style on February 14 by Telemundo and two days later, on the 16th, in Spain on Telecinco, with three new chapters every Wednesday, and shortly after also on Divinity with daily repeats, the soap opera little by little has been falling in the Mother Country; and although Mediaset, owner of both channels, refuses to write off the continuation of the melodrama, its main competitor has already taken action on the matter and decided to bet on the same production, but with its first deliverythe one that became an international success.

This would mean a new and hard blow for the Spanish group that broadcasts the history of the Reyes Elizondo Dynasty 20 years later, since until now it has not found the strategy for it to become the public’s favorite; therefore, it continues to adjust its schedules due to the low ratings it has had.

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But what led the media corporation Atresmedia to choose to pass season one of the series that starred Mario Cimarro, Danna García, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Paola Rey, Michel Brown and Natasha Klauss, and that had among its antagonists the remembered Lorena Meritano. Coming up next, we tell you.

The first season of "Pasión de gavilanes" premiered on October 21, 2003 and ended on July 23, 2004 (Photo: Telemundo)
The first season of “Pasión de gavilanes” premiered on October 21, 2003 and ended on July 23, 2004 (Photo: Telemundo)


The reason why Atresmedia decided to repeat the 188 episodes of season one of “Pasión de gavilanes” is due to the good reception that the telenovela has to dateeven though it was issued nearly two decades ago.

And it is not for less, because the original version continues to be preferred by the audience on the platforms where it is broadcast, just like Netflixwhere the episodes of 2003 and 2004 continue to captivate everyone, something that has led her to be within the top 10 of the most watched series in Spain.

To this is added the crisis that its rival Atresmedia is experiencing with the new installment of Telemundo’s production, a point that will be taken advantage of.

Everyone remembers the evil Dinora Rosales in the original version of "Pasión de gavilanes" (Photo: Telemundo)
Everyone remembers the evil Dinora Rosales in the original version of “Pasión de gavilanes” (Photo: Telemundo)

Where to see the original version of “Pasión de gavilanes” in Spain?

Atresmedia will recover the chapters of the original version of “Pasión de gavilanes” that were broadcast through its channels Antena 3 and Nova, but this time he will do it by another means: Atresplayer.

In this way, Spanish citizens who wish to see the Reyes brothers and Elizondo sisters again from the beginning only have to connect to Atresplayer, the video-on-demand subscription transmission service in streaming video on demand via Internet and television from Atresmedia .

It should be noted that all 188 episodes of the first season is available, both in the Premium version and in the free version.