Vivo will soon present its first folding phone

Vivo is one of the most important Chinese mobile companies in the market. It has recently landed in our country, although its presence is still small compared to its competitors. But this does not mean that it is not capable of doing wonders, as is the case of its next folding phone that we could see very soon.

Vivo will have an event on March 28

We are seeing how the first quarter of 2022 comes to an end. It seems incredible, right? But the truth is that it is a very important moment for phone manufacturers. The different firms have made their proposals for this segment, but there is still a long time to have great news in the sector.

And we are not talking about big names like Apple or Samsung, who will also have their own events later on. We also talk about other companies, such as Vivo, which will have an event next 28th March. Yes, there are only a few days left for that, but the truth is that it will be a great event for the company.

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And it is that according to what counts AndroidPolice we could see a folding phone from Vivo. It would be another of the exponents of segment one that luckily has more and more followers. Among the rumors that are being considered, we would have a terminal with a screen that can be folded down have about 8 inches unfolded and with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Another of the things that many talk about could be called Vivo X Fold andIt’s the design. And it is that everything seems to indicate that we will see a device very close to the terminal of the Korean firm in terms of structure. However, we could see a quite different rear than that seen by the Korean part. And it is that the Vivo terminal could bring a square-shaped package with another additional one inside. It is in the latter where we would see no less than three cameras of which everything remains to be known.

Two devices in the same event

Another thing that seems to arrive at the next Vivo event is an extra device. This device could be a tablet of which we will know more details on March 28, along with the so-called Vivo X Fold.