Netflix officially raises its prices: it starts with the United States

If you have Netflix in Spain and it is also the Premium Plan, the one that comes with Ultra HD image quality and its use on up to 4 simultaneous screens, then you will have noticed that since its price increase was announced in December until today, the plan has gone from being worth 15.99 euros to costing 17.99, to 2€ only to reach a new barrier: that of 20 euros per month.

The same barrier that they already have in the United States, a country in which Netflix has risen again.

Netflix price hike 2022

Netflix first notified US subscribers of its upcoming price hike in late January. The basic plan of the service now costs $9.99 per month (vs. $8.99), its standard tier costs $15.49 per month (vs. $13.99), and its 4K tier costs $19.99 per month (vs. $17.99). That means Netflix is ​​charging practically $20 a month for access to its service, a pretty significant milestone.

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Netflix has long said that it will continue to gradually increase its price relative to the value it offers. That means producing more TV shows and movies – and now video games – and spend a lot of money to bring that content to life. And it is that the current VOD panorama is no longer what it was 3-4 years ago: With giants like Disney+ on board, HBO converted into HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video with its Lord of the Rings, etc., the competition is fierce, intense, and those projects with mega-stars like The Rock or Ryan Reynolds and directors like Michael Bay are not cheap.

In the absence of adding a level of advertising, something that Netflix has not indicated that it will do in the short term, you have to find money for that content from somewhere. Intermittent price hikes and its still-experimental password shrinkage are two ways to do it.

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La portavoz de Netflix, Kumiko Hidaka, told the site The Verge that the price increases are being applied to existing subscribers “over the weeks”, adding that some subscribers may have already been notified and have seen the changes applied. Officially, the new price comes into force on March 30.

Pay more if you compare

As we read the week week in the newspaper VarietyNetflix will soon launch a test in three countries – Chile, Costa Rica and Peru – that will allow members who share their accounts with people outside their household to do so “in an easy and safe way, also paying a little more, according to Chengyi Long, director of product innovation at Netflix. The new options will roll out in the coming weeks in all three countries (and may or may not expand beyond those markets). all three countries (and may or may not expand beyond those markets).

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With the function “add an additional member”Netflix Standard and Premium plan members will be able to add subsidiary accounts for up to two people they don’t live with, each with their own profile, personalized recommendations, login and password, for less than the cost of a separate Netflix plan. The cost of the add-on is $2.99 ​​for each person added, which is in addition to what you already pay per month for Netflix.

In the three test markets, Netflix will notify members who share their account away from home in the coming weeks of the new options. A member will be prompted to verify their account only if a device outside their home connects to the account; Netflix can then ask the user to verify the login from the device by sending a verification code.