Spotify already gives you more payment options

One of the things that the users of an app have to do to enjoy the services is to checkout. This will help companies to pay the progress of all the workers they are responsible for and move forward, but for that they must give users different facilities to make payments. And this is one of the things that Spotify is working on so that users of Google Play can pay through the Google platform.

Pay for Spotify however you want

One of the things that all those who want to have an Internet business must take into account is the form of payment that they put to their users. It is a fact that if someone likes the service or article, they will pay for it, but the payment method must be provided regardless of the operating system used by the user.

But this makes more sense if we focus on the case of Spotify. It turns out that until now Apple users could only pay for their subscription through the App Store, something that from the streaming music app they see as unfair. It is for this reason that they have partnered with Google to launch a function that they have called ‘User Choice Billing’which would be something like a right for users to decide where they pay for their subscription.

The company is very excited about this milestone which will further the relationship with the Mountain View company. Relationships that are, by the way, in very good health if we take into account, for example, the integration of Spotify in navigation applications such as Android Auto or Google Maps.

Google and Apple on equal footing

One of the things that the company has emphasized with this novelty is that it is done out of a commitment to equality between the two platforms. “Spotify is on a years-long journey to ensure app developers have the freedom to innovate and compete on a level playing field,” said Alex Norstrom, director of business at Freemium, it’s a statement. This makes it clear that there is a good relationship between the two firms, but it has detected that all mobile phone users should be able to pay as they wish regardless of the operating system.

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