Marité Matus teaches how to wear a total denim look

Marite Matus He comes from spending an excellent weekend with his current partner: Camilo Huerta. “Amazing weekend! Here’s to more experiences this beautiful and fun my love! I LOVE YOU ”was the text that she dedicated to him, after spending three days together at Lolapalloza Chile 2022. One of the shows that they enjoyed the most was that of Marcianeke.

But the couple was not alone during the mega-event, as they were accompanied by some friends and by the eldest son of Marite and Arturo vidal– “Monito” Vidal. His friend, Noa Cardenas, told them: “I love you!!! And I love that they love each other because they are such for which!!! Unique! Life had to bring them together! What a great weekend! Thanks for also sharing it with me! They are the best! My don Camilo, my soa Marite. I love!!!!!”.

A few hours ago, Marite He shared some photos wearing a white top, sneakers of the same color and a denim jumpsuit. Undoubtedly the combination with white is ideal to wear this look. In addition, she accompanied with sunglasses and red lips. On her lap, she carried her white puppy.

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“And believe it or not, this puppy is the cutest, but he’s also the messiest! We call him “the toxic one” who with that pretty face makes us fall in love but if you turn around, he is capable of eating a slipper. Moral: Appearances are deceiving” he wrote Marite in the post.

The publication of Matus exceeded 10 thousand likes and 120 comments. “Addicted to You !!!!!” Camilo Huerta told him. “But how beautiful”, “Bello, appearances don’t matter, ahaha, he’s beautiful, everything is forgiven” and “You had to make him a glutton, I fight for marite, hahaha, greetings!!” were some of the messages he received.

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