How to view your Instagram posts in chronological order

It was the easiest thing in the world: you opened Instagram and the last tweet or photo uploaded by the contacts we followed became the first one that appeared in the feed. Posts were in chronological order. But with increasing advertising interests, economics, and increasingly complex algorithms, Meta wanted to decide what you want to see, instead of asking you.

As a result, IG ended up dominated by a “this is the most important thing you have to see” algorithm. In fact Instagram is a chaos between non-chronological posts, ads and recommendations from other users.

View Instagram feed in chronological order

Six years after moving from a chronological feed to an algorithm, Instagram has unveiled the option for users to control what is displayed in their feed. You can now use the default algorithm that includes suggested posts, or you can choose from a chronological feed with posts from all the accounts you follow.

  1. open instagram
  2. touch Start in the top left-hand corner, right in the same word that says ‘Instagram
  3. Two options will open up for you. Follow and Favorites. Select Follow.
  4. Now you will be able to see all the posts of your contacts in the order of the time they were published.
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The problem? Which is a temporary solution, because when you close the Instagram app and reopen it, the normal feed will appear by default, so you’ll need to do this every time you want to see a chronological feed. It’s a chore, but at least we can see what interests us without it being a chaos with promoted accounts that don’t interest us.