Does Petro run out of an alliance? The statements of her running mate open a crack weeks before the presidential elections in Colombia

Not many hours have passed since the leftist Gustavo Petro confirmed Francia Márquez as his running mate for the friction to begin. The reason? The position of the candidate for the vice presidency for the Historical Pact on the leader of the Liberal Party, César Gaviria.

And it is that, during his proclamation as a candidate for the vice presidency, Márquez reiterated his rejection of a political agreement involving former President Gaviria, considering that his figure represents “neoliberalism, more of the sameIn the opinion of the social fighter, what Colombia is waiting for “is a change.”

Márquez’s statements were harshly answered by Gaviria in a statement issued on Wednesday night, in which he rules out any negotiations with the Historical Pact as long as he leads the Liberals.

“The rude, false and malicious words made by Mrs. Francia Márquez, candidate for the vice presidency of the Historical Pact in the presence of the candidate Gustavo Petro, constitute an unacceptable offense“said the politician.

Petro tries to mediate

Caught in the crossfire, Petro tried to make amends. The problem for the candidate of the left, who leads the polls, is that he needs to achieve greater alliances with a view to the elections that will be held in May.

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The need for those alliances is even greater when the polls predict that there will be a second round. For this reason, in a message published on his social networks, Petro made it clear that she would not join in the personal criticism of Gaviria.

“I do not want to disqualify people when I know that Colombia needs the path of rectifications. We recognize in César Gaviria the person in whom the Liberal Party has designated its spokesperson. We hope that liberalism prepares itself for the path of reforms that Colombia needs“, wrote.

The problem is that friction is not new. Already at the beginning of March, when the binomial of Petro and Márquez was not yet constituted, the brawl between the two had to do with Gaviria. While the senator defended the need to “build a democracy where all colors fit” and without “sectarianism”, the Afro-descendant activist insisted on denying a pact with the traditional sectors to “share the State”.

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“What is a pact with Gaviria? Continue dividing up the country believing that it is your property? Believing that the State is your property? (…) I came to the Historical Pact because I wanted a change“, said Márquez, who clarified that the mistake would be to establish agreements with the liberal leader, not with his bases.

For this reason, in his message on Wednesday, Petro tried to reduce tensions by appealing to “the liberal attitude” to “accept criticism”, but hinted at his rejection of any other negotiation of that party with the political sectors of the conservative wing, such as the uribismo

“If liberalism wants to embrace fascism, we cannot prevent it; history will judge it severely. We invite liberalism to make Colombia a power of life“said the presidential candidate.

And now that?

In February, Petro and Gaviria had met. In that rapprochement, the possibility was considered that the Liberals would support the leftist in the face of the presidential elections, but the addition of Márquez seemed to cloud that possibility.

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In his letter on Wednesday, Gaviria reproached Petro for his running mate insisting on attacking him. In fact, he hinted that he had previously raised complaints about those public darts from Márquez: “I told the candidate that this could not be repeated. Apparently, they did not care about my demonstrations,” she wrote.

“I am very sorry that the Historical Pact thinks that its incendiary language is something that we Colombians can celebrate. I hope that our country does not expect that language and that attitude that will lead us to more violence and total confrontation between its economic, social and policies,” continued Gaviria.

This distancing from the Historical Pact could cause the Liberals to decide to approach positions with the right-wing candidate, Federico Gutiérrez, who has been presented as the direct antagonist of Petro and the ‘underground’ standard-bearer of a weakened Uribismo, without his own candidate in the career.

The meeting between Gaviria and Gutiérrez is already scheduled for next weeklocal media report. Thus, the alliances are reformulated against the clock, when the election event approaches that –according to the polls– could imply the turn of the political sign in one of the countries with the greatest conservative tradition in Latin America.