Windows 11 will warn you if you use it on a computer that is not compatible

Windows 11 has been working for a very short time and has been a very big change for the vast majority. The firm has become very strict with the requirements of its operating system, but that has not prevented people from using it to their liking thanks to the images it had of the software. However, all those who have it in an unofficial way will soon have to face a new notice from Microsoft on their screens.

If you have Windows 11 on your PC you may get this message

Microsoft is known, among other things, for giving a bit of a hassle with the use of its software products. And it rightly does so through notifications that can appear on one or the other side of the apps. It has done it with Office and also with Windows 10 and everything indicates that Windows 11 will not be an exception.

And it is that in the house of Redmond they have taken an initiative against all those who once downloaded and installed a version of the operating system to make it compatible with their device. Why have many done it? simply for the fact of having the latest on your computer, in exchange for not receiving the updates corresponding to the version of the operating system.

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This initiative consists of include a small message that indicates to users of the operating system that they are using a computer that does not meet the system requirements. That’s how it counts ArsTechnica, where they share this screenshot of the screen. It turns out that the message will be in the lower left, where the computer clock is placed (so you will see it quite a few times).

It’s reminiscent of the Windows 10 license activation notice, one that appeared much larger and drew more attention. In this case, what it does is send you to the operating system settings so that you can see which part is not compatible with the system, which it can be from the processor to the security module required this year.

Is there a way to remove it?

The appearance of a new message is something that will come with time. At the moment, it has been the testers who have seen this feature, one that will arrive in the form of a normal update. So this is a double-edged sword, because if you don’t update the machine you won’t see this watermark, but if you don’t, your computer may be left without improvements or extra protection against cyber attacks.