What is today’s word in Wordle? Clues to guess the solution to challenge 74

We start a new week, the last of this month of March, keeping intact our tradition of playing Wordle. This free puzzle game invites us to guess a 5 letter word in a maximum of 6 attempts. To make it easier for you to find today’s solution, Monday, March 21, 2022, and continue with your streaks, we give you a few tricks to play and a total of 5 tracks to make it much easier for you. In case you do not find the answer, we will also tell you at the end of this article what is the word of Wordle Spain today.

Solution for Wordle challenge 74 of March 21, 2022

The following 5 clues will help you find the solution for today’s word:

  1. It starts with a consonant and ends with a vowel.
  2. There are 3 vowels and 2 consonants.
  3. Does not include repeated letters.
  4. It is a country in Europe.
  5. Does not contain the letter R.

Tricks to Guess Wordle’s Daily Challenge Word in 6 Attempts

  • Start by writing words with as many vowels as possible. Keep in mind that the most frequent consonants in Spanish are: L, M, N, R, S.
  • If you guess the position of R, L and C you can repeat this letter in the space next to it.
  • Reposition the letters that appear in yellow and keep the ones that are in green.
  • Discard the words that contain the letters that have already been marked in grey.
  • Start the game with the same words if that helps you start the game.
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What is today’s word in Wordle?

Scroll down to find out the Wordle solution for today.

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