They criticize Johnson: he compared the war in Ukraine with “Brexit”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing criticism from various quarters after comparing the plight of Ukrainians fighting Russian attacks to the choice the British made in 2016 to support “Brexit.” The Conservative politician made the unfortunate remarks during a speech delivered on Saturday, March 19, in the framework of the spring congress of the Conservative Party.

In his speech, Johnson stated that “the instinct of the people of this country (the United Kingdom), like the people in Ukraine, is to choose freedom”, with the vote in favor of “Brexit”. “When so many British people voted for Brexit, I don’t think it was because they were remotely hostile to foreigners. It’s because they wanted to be free to do things differently and so that this country could govern itself,” he said.

The local media picked up this Sunday (03.20.2022) the barrage of criticism from different sectors, such as the conservative Lord Barwell, who reminded Johnson that the Ukrainians “are seeking to join the European Union (EU)”. Barwell, who worked as a personnel manager at Downing Street – the Prime Minister’s residence and official office – when the also Tory Theresa May governed, clarified on Twitter that voting in the 2016 European referendum “is in no way comparable to putting at risk your life” in a war with the forces of Vladimir Putin.

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For his part, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey, considered that Johnson is “a national shame” and that “comparing a referendum with women and children fleeing Putin’s bombs is an insult to all Ukrainians.” For the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party in Westminster, Ian Blackford, Johnson’s comments “comparing the life and death situation in Ukraine with ‘Brexit’ is in bad taste”.

Outside this country, the former president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, also said that the words of the British prime minister “offend the Ukrainians, the British and common sense.” “Boris Johnson equals the fight of the Ukrainians to the vote of the British for the ‘Brexit'”, points out the former Polish Prime Minister, who still remembers the “enthusiasm of (Vladimir) Putin and (Donald) Trump after the referendum” .(EFE)

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