Tile lets you find labels that aren’t yours with its app

One of the devices that many companies are taking as a reference is the geolocator. Hidden in the form of a plate, anything that does not have a circuit inside can be easily found thanks to this device. But this is not the only thing that can be done, and many users fear possible espionage by third parties about where a person is. Fortunately, Tile will help you find those labels that are not yours with an app.

Tile launches its app that finds smart tags.

As we said, smart tags are a product that has had a significant increase in presence in recent years. There were very few companies that offered this product huntil Samsung and Apple have shown their exponents between this year and the previous one.

Although the purpose of these devices is very good, there is always a doubt that someone will use it for a bad reason. And this is actually a serious problem, because if someone uses a smart tag to follow you, it is a very serious crime. And it is that without an element that allows you to track them, this can happen to anyone.

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Luckily, at Tile they have contributed their grain of sand to avoid this type of situation in which nobody wants to be involved and everything thanks to its new app feature called Scan and Secure. It turns out that its software is already capable of scanning what you carry in order to find any smart tag that does not belong to you.

According to the company, you only need to download the app without registering. Once inside, click on the upper right part called Scan and then click on the Scan and Secure function. At that time, your phone will scan the signals compatible with the device in order to find all those devices that are compatible with that signal.

In the case of finding a smart tag, it will tell you its location so that you can extract it and inform the authorities of its improper use. One thing you should know is that for the scan to be successful you need to meet two requirements:

  • Leave the phone for 10 minutes running with this feature
  • Keep the device still so that the signal expands correctly and does not disperse.