Father’s Day 2022: GIFS, stickers and images to congratulate on WhatsApp

Every March 19, Father’s Day is celebrated. For all those who have a child, it is a special day as it reminds them that they have brought into the world a life to take care of or that they simply have a person they can call daughter or son. But in modern times many of these opt for something more technological such as sending GIFS, stickers and images to congratulate WhatsApp for Father’s Day.

Congratulate Father’s Day by WhatsApp

Father’s Day is a holiday of Catholic origin that serves to honor the adoptive father of Jesus, whose saint is located on March 19. This festivity has been adopted in many countries and has transcended religion to become a festivity like one more to write down on the calendar.

Many schools motivate the little ones to make a gift to their predecessors of the most artistic, and these are the kinds of things that serve to remember. But over the years there are some who even omit the present ones and everything works with a meeting to eat or a simple video call through a messaging app.

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But technology lovers like to go up one more point as it is to choose some sticker, image or GIF with which to congratulate Father’s Day to all the contacts that are. If you are not sure how to do it, we are going to give you a series of guidelines with which you will surely find a fun and affectionate image.

Apps with GIFS images and Stickers

If you take a look around the application store of your mobile device, you will surely find everything you need to find those resources to congratulate Father’s Day by WhatsApp. As we understand that it is still very complicated and somewhat tedious to make these images yourself, don’t worry, we give you the solutions:

happy father’s day images: if you are looking for an app with a simple image with a thank you phrase for Father’s Day, this is the app you need. Simply choose one from the entire repertoire you have and send it to that or those loved ones since you may have friends with children and also your grandparents.

Father's day

father’s day cards: If you can’t create a nice calm frame, this app is your solution. You just need to put a few photos with your dad in it and just create a new file that you can send him later. Of course, this option is very personal, so it will add personality and emotion.

Create Video for Father’s Day: In addition to GIFS and images, a video is always a good option to celebrate Father’s Day.

GBoard: Yes, the Google keyboard will also serve you well on Father’s Day. And it is that its GIF search engine will be of great help to you for this purpose. Just put the letters of the day and choose the one you like the most to send it. You also have the option to download a sticker pack to celebrate the day.

Giphy: Available for both Android how to iOS, Giphy is one of the most important platforms for all lovers of GIFs. And it is that its extensive library will give you everything you need for a perfect congratulation in the form of GIF.

Send a massive congratulations with WhatsApp

If you have many cases that are already parents, a common message may be the best way to congratulate them all at once. Sending a message to each one is very personal and is also appreciated, something that we recommend, but the most important thing is to have a detail with those people who already have children.

For that, it is best to create a broadcast on WhatsApp, a feature that will send everyone a common message within the generated list. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp.

  2. Go to the Chats screen > Menu button > New broadcast.

  3. Type the names of your contacts or press the + button to select from your contact list.

  4. Press OK.

  5. Tap Create. This process will create a new list of recipients for broadcasts.

From here you can send a single message to everyone who is part of this group. Best of all, this feature will send the Father’s Day message, photo, or GIF to everyone individually, so no one will know if everyone else received the same message.